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I'm thrilled to announce my feature on the front cover of Tap-In Magazine, a renowned global publication!

In this holiday edition, on pages 25 & 26,, I'm honored to share a few highlights of my life's journey and what sets me apart as a speaker, author, and wellness coach.

This is not just a personal milestone but a celebration of leadership and impact, alongside other inspiring influencers.

Learn why educating and empowering women are my passions.

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Wishing everyone a season filled with joy, inspiration, and warmth!

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Dr. Kim is a respected physician, author, speaker, and coach with a special interest in the Health and Wellness of women in leadership roles.

Dr. Kim coaches professional women who are struggling with balancing career and family. She helps her clients discover that with structure and proven systems, they can achieve harmony without neglecting work, home or themselves.

Dr. Kim has been in clinical practice for nearly 30 years, during which time she established a successful practice caring for chronically ill adults and children in their home and hospital. Dr. Kim has maintained a leadership role as Medical Director in several large medical systems. As a leader in healthcare, early in her career, Dr. Kim faced challenges many women face, while growing a family and pursuing executive leadership level in her career. The stress of shouldering responsibilities at home and at work for many years was compounded by “working mother’s guilt”, culminating in Dr. Kim becoming burnout and having to make the difficult decision of stepping down from her leadership role and temporarily closing her private practice. To have better control over her schedule and lessen responsibility at work, Dr. Kim took a cubicle job at a medical imaging call center. This Monday thru Friday, 9-5 position afforded Dr. Kim the opportunity to take the time she needed to heal herself and bring stability and joy back to her household.

During her nine-month journey from burnout to wellness, Dr. Kim took the advice she had been giving her patients for years. Embracing the wellness tools she learned in her Integrative Medicine Fellowship training. Dr. Kim recovered from burnout and returned to a leadership role and clinical practice, this time with the support of her family. During her nine-month sabbatical in the cubicle, Dr. Kim focused on her physical, mental, and spiritual health. Not surprisingly, as she emerged, her chronic headache, irritability, and fatigue resolved, she was able to sleep better, control her weigh, and fully participate in activities with her husband, three sons, family, and girlfriends.

In the 15 years, since her recovery, Dr. Kim continues to maintain a state of harmony and joy even when life is out of balance. As the seasons in life progress, Dr. Kim has become keenly aware that that many of her female colleagues are great leaders but are suffering from chronic headaches, fatigues, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and weight issues because their work life and home life is juxtaposed. The work-life balance that many women in leadership seek is rarely found. What Dr. Kim learned on her journey to recovery is that “work-life balance” may be elusive, but harmony is an achievable state. Professional women can have a successful career in the board room and a thriving family at home, if and only if they prioritize their health and wellness. She established Dr. Kim Today Academy to give professional women in leadership positions the roadmaps and tools to assist them in establishing or re-establishing a personal state of health and wellness, relief from chronic stress symptoms that keep them from bringing their best self to their family and their leadership role.

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So many women think they have to choose between their family and their successful careers.

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